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  • How do I rent from Just Ride USA?
    super easy, Pick and purchase your desired equipment Fill out the waiver HERE Purchase Insurance for your adventure HERE ($10-$15.00) Print insurance confirmation. Thats it.. Come pick up your ride and enjoy the adventure.
  • Do I need a motorcycle license?
    If you are doing a dual sport tour with us YES, you need a ML to travel on these tours. MX, TRAIL do not need one but your bike will need to be insured.
  • What Routes do you offer
    While most of our routes are publically available we do have our own trails that provide a unique expereince to all that ride with us. These trails are all over the country and in some cases the world.
  • Do you offer videos of our tour?
    YES, all tours are photographed and will be available after your trip. You can opt out but we do need to know that prior to your departure.
  • Is my reservation refundable?
    Within 24 hours of booking the trip, Anything after that we have likely started reservations, Supplies and accomodations for you. In some cases you can reach out and if we have not gotten to that stage we are happy to refund.
  • I want to advertise with you? is that available?
    we offer many ways to advertise, Contact us for more information regarding placement and exposure.
  • Do you donate to the charities listed on the site
    The charities on the site are listed for folks to click though and visit them directlty, This is the first year of our little start up and we plan to donate some of the proceeds back, Currently we do not have a % of what that will be at the moment. we will however post all related information as they become available.
  • What do I need for camping
    Tent, Sleeping bag, Essential supplies. If you book an event with us depending on which package you selected will decide if you need the tent, mat etc.
  • when will tours start in 2022
    we are currently in the middle of development. Check Back with us.
  • How quickly will I receive my deposit Back?
    if you paid cash you will be refunded Cash upon return of the equipment If you paid using your Credit or Debit card we will process your payment at that time or The next business day depending on time of day when equipment was returned. <<<IF YOU HAVE DAMAGED THE EQUIPMENT WE WILL ASSES THE DAMAGE AND DEDUCT FROM YOUR SECURITY DEPOSIT>>>
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