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Everything ships standard ground generally within 24 hours of placing your order unless holiday or racing schedule affectts that at which point you will be notified. 


All of our merch is non-refundable once opened, IF it is defective out of the box just let us know and we can generally exchange it. Electronics are excluded, Electronics are non refundable along with custom decal kits and signage. 


We ask for a 300.00 refundable deposit at the time of your rental, We know its extra but that any of our machines, these are expensive, They require upkeep and with that comes cost. Your Refundable deposit will come back to you upon the return of your bike, The processing times may vary from bank to bank. we don't have control over that. 
THE ASSUMPTION is that you will treat the machine with Repect and avoid any unnecessary actions that could lead to damage of one of our bikes. Mistakes happen and we understand that, in the event of beyond normal wear and tear you will receive an itemized list deducted from your deposit. If you have any questions please email us


Without exception, A waiver for each rider must be completed prior to your taking possession of the Machine, You can find that waiver HERE, Or scan the QR code. Once you complete the waiver a memeber of our staff will double check everthing prior to your departure. 

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